German Bundesliga Standings

This season, the events in the German Bundesliga is growing very rapidly. The leaders of the rapidly rotating, and as a result the championship becomes more attractive to the millions of fans from around the world. Over the last 6 years, Bayern Munich of is the champion of Germany, but this season will be very difficult for the squad Niko Kovac to defend its title. First, the team’s progress has stopped. The top players left the lineup, and those who live to be more mature, so they no longer show the game that the fans loved them before. But the most important is the progress of competitors; first of all, Borussia. This summer, the Dortmund team changed their coach, too, which plays into their hands. This is evidenced by the results not only domestically, but also internationally.

Factors that helped Borussia achieve brand new levels include:

The appointment of an experienced coach. Lucien Favre was known before thanks to his work with a small team. Borussia is a club that is fully compliant with ambition.


Transfer successful campaign of bees. Despite the loss of a number of leaders (Castro, Yarmolenko, Schurrle), the team was able to make a successful signing, too. First of all, it is Witsel and Alcacer. The latter already scored for the new team, so that at some stage the club even managed to lead the standings.


Instability competitors led by Bayern. Other Bundesliga clubs can mix with the failure of a successful series, which is why it is so difficult to predict the development of events in the German championship.

You can always learn league bundesliga in sports statistics website Borussia Chances Of Winning Titles Now, a player Favre showed bright and attacking football, which attracts millions of fans. However, it is a big question whether it would be possible to show the game as over a distance of a long tournament. The fans are also worried by the fact that the team bench is not deep enough, so that if things are not in favor of the bees, it will be quite difficult for them to turn events around. Period began has passed, so it’s really impossible to stop at what has been achieved today, especially for fans of Borussia missed the cup. Now, the team has a great opportunity to use misfires Bayern eventually won the ‘Silver Salad Bowl’.

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