Think Luton, think outside the BOX!

Think Luton, think outside the BOX!

This is great, Luton Borough Council has a structured framework in place, to transform Luton over the next 20 years. Making moving or investing in Luton the right choice!

I’ve lived in Luton for over 25 years and the changes in the last few years are making the town more vibrant and exciting. We have more to do, places to visit and eat. With increased investment and structure in place, Luton could definately be a property hotspot for years to come.

So many towns concentrate on just one area of the town, Luton is exploding with new developments, office to residential conversions and new rail links, the whole town is experiencing the influx of investment to the area. It’s great to see the town improving so much, when just a few years ago it was a taboo to say you lived in Luton.

If you have any questions on the “best area’s” to live or invest, please feel free to contact me.

Ask the questions, use my knowledge.

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