Life in Luton is finally starting to return to a new normal as businesses reopen.

Life in Luton is finally starting to return to a new normal as businesses reopen.

As government restrictions slowly start to ease, property expert Sam Bains, who has 30 years’ experience in Luton and the surrounding area said, “I had trepidation when we opened for the first time since lockdown, wondering how it would be. But then the phones started ringing, emails came through and we are getting an immense number of enquiries.

“I am relieved to say the property market is once again buzzing, as more and more people are deciding to buy, sell or let and as a wave of commercial spirit spreads throughout Luton, it has the potential to pump new creativity into miserable shopping areas around here.

“I can see things are definitely starting to look a lot more positive, during lockdown we managed to let a hair salon in Dunstable and get an £11 million hotel back on the market after years of renovation. The hotel consists of 87 luxury rooms and a penthouse suite. This property was purchased 3 years for just £1.8 million.

“With our record breaking number of requests since opening, it is clear that people are really starting to take chances and are becoming a lot more opportunistic when it comes to undertaking new ventures. It’s uplifting. Just this weekend we had over 50 web leads for all departments, which is comparable to two years ago during a boom.

“With many restaurants closed and some offering take-away service only, I thought when we returned I would experience difficulty with these type of properties but to my surprise, I was contacted last week about an empty property we have for a restaurant. The property was a pub with accommodation, then a retail shop with residential property above and now hopefully it’s going to become a thriving restaurant.

“More agreements have also just been made, one with a client excited to open up a florist in an old community centre and just last week we were contacted by two doctors hoping to start a Botox clinic in one of our properties that has been on the market for months prior to lockdown.

“All in all, it’s refreshing to see people’s spirits lifting, we have noticed that there are a lot more development enquiries and more pubs and restaurants being sold and we can’t wait to see them revive the Luton Highstreet.

“Of course tough times are still ahead, but I feel like we can finally see the light. I know if we can continue to work hard and be optimistic we can have Luton back up and running better than it’s ever been before.”

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