Government ‘thinking’ about changes to SDLT

Government ‘thinking’ about changes to SDLT causes instant and significant negative effect on the market.


Within the next 24 hours, we will know what’s going to happen with Stamp Duty and if the level will be lifted, however if its not implemented until the Autumn budget it could cause havoc on the housing market.
Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a huge increase with enquiries and valuations, should this change be announced tomorrow, it could cause all buyers to wait until October to take advantage of the financial change and therefore not paying any stamp duty.
The housing market cannot cope with what if’s, may be’s or long dates for it to be implemented, we as agents, buyers and sellers alike must wait and pending the news, take action. The decision must be made with immediate effect, so all buyers can benefit and the housing market doesn’t seize for the next few months.
Watch this space and be ready for action.

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