Getting it right the first time!

For years, I have been advising my clients to really think about the price they want to sell their property at and to be reasonable with it.

I do this as I have seen so many agents over value homes just to ensure they get the listing – they will often have higher commission fees, sign you up for months on a sole agency agreement and then advise you to drop the price, as it’s not selling.

Even in the current market, this article shows how prices are being reduced and the only reason for this, is because the agent was not being honest from the start and advertised it too high.

This is why estate agents get a bad reputation with poor advice, high fees and long sole agency agreements rather than being honest and giving a true market value.

We don’t do that here at Ultimate Connexions!

We offer simple, honest advice and with our expertise we give you the correct market value and competitive fee’s, don’t believe me?

Give us a call today!

Properties are twice as likely to sell if priced right first time – Rightmove

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